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This page will show basic introduction of using ZeroScaffolding along with ZeroFramework.

Getting started

  1. Make sure you have your solution set up according to ZeroFramework documentation.
  2. Select Backend project as default project in Package Manager Console.
  3. Run command : Install-Package ZeroScaffolding

Basic usage

  1. In Common project, create new class. This class will represent new entity.
    • This class must derive from Zero.Common.EntityObject.
    • Class must be in namespace <Common project namespace>.Entities. Preferably in folder Entities in Common project.
    • It must have at least one property anoted with Key attribute. This property will be used as primmary key.
    • All properties should implement INPC pattern through OnPropertyChanged method.
    • It is recomended to use DataAnnotations on your properties. Like Required or StringLength attributes.
  2. In Package Manager Console run command : Scaffold ZeroScaffolding.UseCase <name of entity>
  3. Add generated <name of entity>ListViewModel to your application.
    • When using default ZeroFramework structure, this can be easily achived by adding this viewmodel into ShellViewModel constructor and then add this parameter into Items collection.

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